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FAQs About Laser Hair Treatment

If you are considering getting Newport Beach Laser Hair Removal treatment for removing unwanted hair from your body, it is crucial to be aware of all the necessary information regarding it. Being aware helps in making a sound decision after considering all the consequences associated with it. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about laser hair treatment and their answers.

  • What does laser hair treatment do?

Laser hair treatment helps in removing hair by placing a concentrated light beam at the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair follicles helps absorb light, which helps in the further destruction of the hair from the body part.

  • Is the process of laser hair removal safe?

The safety perspective of laser treatment depends on the kind of laser technology used in the specific place. There are systems for a laser hair treatment that are certified by the FDA. It is suggested to get your treatment done by a dermatologist with valuable certifications and accreditation for the laser system from the FDA.

  • Is it possible to complete the laser hair removal process in one session?

The growth of hair is not uniform. It grows differently; therefore, removing all the hair in just one session is impossible. The hair removal session helps target those already on your body and the follicles that will cause new growth. The quantity of sessions needed to complete the process depends on the person and their hair growth. 

  • How long is the waiting period between hair removal sessions?

All the sessions for hair removal are kept about a month apart. It is decided based on the color of the hair, the treatment area, the coarseness level of the head, and its density in terms of growth. If you are getting your arms treated, the sessions may be kept about six or seven weeks apart because the hair growth is slow. 

  • Does laser hair removal treatment lead to more hair growth?

The hair growth pattern is particular and personalized. A lot of people tend to lose their body hair over time, while some individuals have hair growth in new areas due to aging. After a complete session of laser hair treatment, the formation of new hair follicles will occur, but the production of hair will be comparatively lesser.

  • Does hair removal treatment lead to skin cancers?

The hair removal systems and the process has received approval from US FDA after researching their safety. It does not cause cancer in people. Laser light is not allowed to cause any penetration deep inside the skin, so the internal parts of the body are safe from it. 

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