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How to improve a crooked smile?

A beautiful smile speaks a lot. Your smile can help you build your confidence level, even if you aren’t satisfied with your smile. Don’t be depressed or sad if you have a crooked smile. Try to accept and embrace it. Smiling is an involuntary response to things that bring joy, happiness and inspire you to laugh. A beautiful smile can also uplift the mood of the people around you. Now stop worrying about your crooked smile and focus on how you improve your smile. There are various methods to enhance your smile. Among all the processes, faster treatment with braces gives you quicker results. To get a better result, and to understand this method, talk with your nearby dentist. They can help you and start working on your smile.

What is a crooked smile?

If your smile is not straight or is uneven, then you have a crooked smile. Don’t panic if you don’t have a straight smile. But in such a case, learn how you can fix such a problem with advance dental treatments. However, this article will surely help you out to correct your crooked smile. Read till the end to know the steps.

Make sure you change your habits to have a better smile and good oral health. A crooked smile is better than having poor oral health hygiene.

What are the reasons for a crooked smile?

There are various reasons for having a crooked smile, such as like:

  • Low face asymmetry: Research says that asymmetry can have a crooked smile. It can happen in the early stages of your pregnancy and thus can impact your child’s lower jaw development in the first few years of their life.
  • Genetics: However, on the other side, genetics also plays an essential role in a crooked smile. If in your family, relatives have crooked smiles or teeth or overbite teeth, then chances of you developing a higher risk of such problem in your life.
  • Facial palsy: Facial palsy can also impact having a crooked smile. The teeth on the paralyzed side of the mouth are sensitive to decay and thus the gums too. However, so facial palsy patients are susceptible to a crooked smile.
  • Injury: Sudden accidents such as skull get injured, ear damage or ear infection can the reason for the crooked smile.
  • Aging: It is also an essential factor that you can have a crooked smile.
  • Stress in childhood: While growing up, childhoods stress can lead to such a smile.

It is a must to start implementing some changes in your habits to see good results. Changes such as stop eating only from one side of the mouth, talking on mobile on one side only, etc, instead change these habits to have a better smile.

What are the methods to fix your crooked smile?

Doing exercises:

We think that know exercises are good for only our body. But did you know that exercise is great for your smile and mouth? Our face also has muscles, and to strengthen these muscles, you need to practice doing exercises. Facial exercise can help you to have a better smile and improve your mouth. It serves you to look younger and slim too.

Using clear braces:

Do you know that by using clear aligners, it is possible to move your teeth? This method will help your teeth to have better positions. These are custom-made and can help you to have a fully improved smile. The braces are made with plastic materials that help to straighten the teeth. These are the alternative to traditional metal braces.


These days, crowns are also one of the best options to improve your smile. You can talk with your doctor and use a custom-made cap that helps to make your smile better and straighter.

We hope you have got complete information on how to improve your smile. However, orthodontic treatments do not require teeth removal and help to focus on your dental problem. Instead of just waiting, we suggest you have a dental consultation with our expert doctors, who can recommend you the most favorable treatment according to your dental requirements. We treat every patient very uniquely, as very many patients have different needs and requirements. We wish you to have a happy dental practice for better oral health.

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