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How to Safely Fill Your Prescription During the Pandemic

It’s been months since the first reported case of COVID 19 hit the news – but the end is nowhere in sight yet for most countries. Although there are cities able to control the spread of the infection, the resurgence of cases from time to time forces governments to impose localised lockdowns. Unfortunately, quarantine efforts will limit mobility, especially the flow of essential commodities such as medicine. It may be manageable for the general population, but access to prescription drugs is critical for many individuals living with chronic medical conditions. What are the safe options available to ensure that you always have your prescriptions filled even at these current circumstances?

Use an online pharmacy to fill your prescription

According to information sourced from the Anytime Doctor website, it’s safe to buy prescription medication online if you choose a pharmacy that’s registered with pharmaceutical regulatory agencies. Although the transaction is online, there should be a straightforward means of verifying your script before completing the order. Also, it’s best to avoid buying from an overseas company regardless of how affordable the price. Experts also warn against trying alternative brand names or generic brand names without your doctor’s permission.

Check if your local pharmacy offers no-contact delivery

During these times, pharmacies are bound to adjust to address their customer’s needs. As such, your local pharmacy may accommodate home deliveries to enhance safety. If so, you may want to place your orders in advance and pay using online methods to avoid contact with the delivery personnel.

Follow social distancing rules if buying directly from the store

If you aren’t at high risk of contracting the infection, you can stock-up on medication by going to the pharmacy at least once every few weeks. But if you want to go out in public, make sure that you follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. It’s also best to place your order by phone so that you can pick up the order and be out of the store the soonest time possible.

Buy your prescription meds using the pharmacy’s drive-thru option

Some big pharmacies today have drive-thru windows for faster transaction processing. If there’s no need for you to go inside the store, consider filling your order via the drive-thru window. You may also need to call your order in advance to make the process more efficient.

Mail order delivery

Mail order delivery is an excellent option for recurring prescription meds. You may want to ask your doctor for recommendations on which pharmacies accept mail order transactions. Your preferred pharmacy may switch your preference to mail order if they offer the option; otherwise, you can always switch to a different provider.

Have a steady supply of prescription and over-the-counter medicine

Now is the best time to always stay prepared with basic essentials at home. When it comes to medication, you shouldn’t forget to stock up on over-the-counter meds for ordinary ailments such as allergies and the common cold. Also, it’s best to fill-up your script good for at least one month to avoid going out unnecessarily.


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