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The Role of the Best Pain Specialist

Everyone goes through some kind of pain, now and then, some can be mild and bearable, while others can be chronic. This can result in difficulty to get proper sleep in the night and lower concentration during the day. Some people say it affects their energy levels as well as their enjoyment of life.

Dr Mona Mubarak, the best pain specialist in Ireland is concerned about her patient’s ability to function and conduct their daily activities well. She has successfully helped several individuals who are suffering from some or the other pain, live a fulfilling and normal life. Whether your pain is musculoskeletal, neuropathic, or any physical pain, Dr Mubarak could help you with assured patient assessment, followed by customized treatment plan to cure your pain related issues.

Special Diagnostic & Treatment Skills

Pain management physicians who specialize in the evolution, diagnosis and the treatment of pain have had advanced training which qualifies them to provide you treatment if you are suffering with any kind of pain due to injury or illness.

Initial assessment, along with management of few pain conditions (like musculoskeletal pain) might be done by allied healthcare professionals, as they are medically trained for pain management. Pain management specialists are adequately qualified to conduct specific pain diagnosis which might be otherwise missed if there is a failure of initial management. They have the right skills to offer tailored treatment special interventional pain treatments to patients who did not get other pain management techniques (like physiotherapy or medications).

Importance of seeing a pain specialist

  • The best pain specialist in Ireland like Dr Mubarak, have undergone special and advanced training to know the root cause of chronic and acute pain and then treat accordingly. Pain could be a quite tricky condition to having dealt with. You might be experiencing pain in leg, but the main cause of pain might lie in your spinal cord or back bone. In such conditions, a well-qualified pain specialist plays a very important role. They can easily rule out the main cause and thus treat it the best.
  • Pain specialist take extensive training, experience, have in-depth knowledge in using advanced medical techniques for treating all types of pain. They can even perform procedures such as spinal injections, PEMF therapy, nerve blocks and other interventional techniques to treat chronic pains.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any kind of pain that is not relived by taking over-the-counter medicines or that is acute, you must consult Dr Mubarak in Ireland, who can best manage your agony. With early intervention as well as correct diagnosis, pain management specialist can even reduce the intensity of a severe pain and thus improve the quality of life of all their patients. They even provide additional care sometimes needed, that includes rehabilitation or physical therapy.

If you are looking for the best clinic for chronic nerve pain treatment in Ireland, contact Chronic Pain Consultant today. The pain management specialist Dr Mona Mubarak uses holistic approach along with rehabilitation for chronic pain issues.

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