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Fillings are a dental procedure that all of us are aware of. Even when we know what a filing is, various questions pop into our heads. If someone has anxiety concerning dental care, these questions can take a toll. Some of the common questions that arise are how long to wait after eating white fillings or how long one needs to wait to eat after the filling has been done. Having clarity about the white filing treatment can help you to be prepared.

After getting a filling done, how long should one wait before they can eat?

Different types of fillings are used by the dentist to restore damaged or crooked teeth. The dentist could use a tooth-coloured composite, which is a commonly used filler. This filler is made of a tooth-coloured polymeric resin which is combined with fillers. If you’ve undergone a composite filling, it is recommended to wait at least for 2 to 4 hours before you can start eating from that tooth. Even after your resume, you should avoid eating hard or sticky food directly from the restored teeth.

Amalgam filling is another type of filling which makes use of silver. After this treatment, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before you can put pressure on the tooth. In case you do put pressure, it causes a chemical reaction which doesn’t allow the filler to become hard and strengthen. During this period, you should also avoid any drinks which are of extreme temperatures as it can lead to shrinking or contracting of the filling.

When is it safe to start chewing gum after the filling?

Chewing gum after the filler can do damage. When you chew, it puts pressure on the restored tooth whenever it touches the tooth. This pressure leads to dislodgment of the filling. To prevent that, the dentist recommends waiting for about 2 to 4 hours before you can chew the gum. In the case of silver amalgam fillings, the time varies to 14 hours before you can chew the gum.

Can both teeth from both sides be used while eating after the filling?

When fillings are required on both sides, dentists usually only restore one side at a time. Doing this helps the patient to eat without any difficulty as the restored side remains affected. After undergoing the filling, you can only eat from the side where there is no fresh filling to ensure that the new filling stays in place.

Is it alright to eat when there is a temporary filling?

Temporary fillings are carried out to restore the smile and facial aesthetics. It helps one to feel less self-conscious till permanent filling is done. In the case of a temporary filling, one should not use it for chewing as the filling is not strong enough to bear the bite pressure, especially if it has been placed in the back teeth. The temporary filings have not been designed for eating or chewing.

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